b-OAT: m*lk plant based products

I set up b-OAT: m*lk as a way of reducing my impact on climate change (less dairy) and reduce packaging waste. After trialling a few recipes, friends and family finally gave me the thumbs up!  Next stage was to to fortify with calcium and vitamin D and we were ready to go.

Oat milk is the most sustainable dairy alternative with respect to carbon emissions, land-use and water consumption. The organic oats I use are grown in the UK and are naturally gluten free.  

Using traditional glass bottles that are sterilised and refilled means zero packaging waste and the oat pulp is then composted.

Oh yeah, I make all the products at home on my canal boat in Hackney on the River Lea hence b-OAT:m*lk.

Love & Rage


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Thanks Henry the b-OAT:m*lk is delicious and its great that you provide a 10% discount if I give you my used Duskin apple juice bottles.

Joe, Hackney, May 2020

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The product is excellent! It is creamy, not sweet, we drank it all at our picnic.
My daughter absolutely loved it and wants MORE!!

Fran B